12 photos of dogs before and after they were adopted from a shelter


The change in a dog’s expression after starting a new life in a new home is unmistakeable. After long, solitary months of waiting in a shelter, having possibly survived abuse from previous owners, they’ve finally found a family who will love them and give them the affection they deserve. Pictured below are dogs before and after they were adopted; their transformations are nothing short of amazing.

At first shy and afraid, they become confident and, most importantly, happy.


No longer feeling that safety is in a small corner, they learn to trust in people once more and discover the warmth of genuine companionship.


These friends were there for each other through their ups and downs at their shelter, and were thrilled when they were adopted together. It’s a package deal, or no deal!


Some pups might be shy and quiet, but they have no trouble making themselves at home in their new house.


Wagging tails and wide smiles replace sad eyes when they are no longer restrained by bars. For this little guy, bliss comes as trips to the park where he is free to run and bounce as he pleases.


These proud smiles say it all! This rescued stray was initially timid and cautious around people, but became a successful graduate of Puppy School.


These bright, cheerful eyes are almost unrecognizable.


Now a refined young lady, this puppy found the perfect family to grow up with.


Although he was scruffy and sad, his owners fell in love with him at first sight. Now, this handsome pooch is a lover and explorer of the great outdoors.


Nothing is more fulfilling than coming home to a dog with perky ears and a hanging tongue. Once somber and defensive, this dog’s smile is contagious!


This pup was sad and frightened, but became a stunning fashionista with the help of her new owner.


And finally, there’s this lovable pooch who went from frightened and scrawny to photogenic and healthy.


Like these dogs, there are many others who have found loving families and undergone amazing transformations in their emotional state and health. Countless more are waiting for a family to welcome them into their home. These smiling dogs are proof of the importance of finding families for rescued animals who only want a little bit of love.

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