These 14 Simple Mind Hacks Will Help You Be Better In Almost Any Situation.


Life hacks are almost too common these days, but what about mind hacks? Mind hacks can transform you from a chump to a master manipulator of men, women, and forces of nature. These are far more powerful than any fancy new microwave trick to reheat a cold pizza three weeks after you bought it. These will make you an evil genius and master of the elements.

1.) Get anyone to do your bidding.

2.) Ask for the moon when you only want something small.

3.) Be Mr. Likable.

4.) Get caught on the little lies to get away with murder.


5.) People want to fill silence.

6.) Never forget to pick up milk again.

7.) She’ll ALWAYS follow up. Be ready.

8.) Act like you own the place.

9.) Your eyes are the windows to your… brain?


10.) Subliminal messages equal real life cash.

11.) Think you have game? Here’s your test.

12.) Be a better citizen and save a life (or at least a presentation).

13.) Fact.

14.) Still hungry? Try this.

(via Full Punch,viralnova)

I’m starting to feel truly evil after reading these. I feel like I can conquer the world! Or at least my next conversation…