> 17 very smart tips to organize every room in your house

17 very smart tips to organize every room in your house

Most everyone has at least one room or area of their home that could use a little organization. Whether you have a cluttered pantry or a toy room worthy of the tornado hall of fame, you can get things tidy (and keep them that way). Getting organized doesn’t have to be painful or require expensive closet inserts. Even better, being organized can help save you time and money — both of which are better spent on the things you really love.
Check out a few of these clever ideas and save your sanity. Most of the bins featured below can be found at a dollar store or your average home goods store but used in a clever new way.
1. Ideas to organize your pantry once and for all by Classy Clutter

Keep your pantry organized with this fun idea. All you need are a few bins or baskets and some clear jars. Keep things organized (and eliminate the “I don’t know where it goes” excuse from the kid’s vocabulary) by labeling plastic pins and jars. The best part: If you’re on a tight budget you can snag most of these items at the dollar store.
Need flour or cookie jars, like the one in the photo above? Buy a similar version here.
Need a white pantry bin? Buy a similar version here.
2. Dollar store crates toy organizer, by Diane S via Hometalk
The plastic bins in this storage solution can be found and most budget-friendly stores. They connect using pegs. Simply attach the shelf to the wall using screws and you have a fun way to display books and toys, while keeping them off the floor.
Want a fun colored crate immediately? You can get one here.
3. Paper towel organizer with a shoe rack by Sew Many Ways
Did you ever buy a big package of paper towels and then kicked the bag around all month (or two or three) because you didn’t have any place to store the extra rolls? Try a hanging shoe rack. Put a roll in each section. They’re out of the way and easy to reach when you need to refill.
Need the shoe organizer from the photo? Buy it here.
4. Wall command center by Hankful House
Part of home organization is making sure everyone knows what’s going on. This can be hard when there are several schedules to juggle. This command center, makes easy work of keeping track of everything. The adorable menu board is made from a cheap picture frame. Add a calendar, a chore chart and some storage bins (to keep track of paperwork) to tie it all together.
5. Keep your sheets sets together, organized and beautifully displayed with this easy trick by Martha Stewart
You can store bed linens out in the open for the world to see! Simply fold your sheet sets and tuck them inside a matching pillow case. Then, stack them by size. (This is also a great way to keep your linen closet tidy, even if it has a door).
6. DIY dry erase calendar with dollar store frames by Crafty City Chick
Hit up your local dollar store and create a fun calendar for less than $10. Connect eight 3 by 5 or 4 by 6 frames together with hot glue. Use your imagination to create the layout you like best. Then use decorative piece of paper to create your background. Label each with a day of the week (and a personal message on one) and then put the paper into the frames. You can use a dry erase marker to write on your new “calendar.”
7. Board game storage, seen on MoneySavingSisters
Did you ever buy one of those clothes organizers with every intention of laying out outfits for the entire week, and now it mostly just sits empty? Re-purpose that clothes hanger to organize your games. Simply store your game boxes in each compartment instead of clothes.
8. Nursery closet organization ideas by Reality Daydream
Nursery closets get out of hand quickly. Maybe you got a lot of clothes at your shower that were too big (yay for later on, boo for storage now) and maybe you have a few outfits you need to get rid of but you don’t have time. Try organizing your closet like the photo above. Use hanging baskets to store socks, underwear, swimsuits and skirts (items you don’t really need to fold). Lay pants on an easy to reach shelf, and hang shirts and dresses at an easy-to-reach level.  Use two baskets to keep items you can’t use right now in sight, but out of mind.
9. Curtain rods for tank top storage by StorageGeek
If you have a bundle of tank tops and you want to save closet space (and hanger space), try this fun idea. Attach a bunch of shower rings to the bottom of a hanger and store your tank tops in one place. This lets you free up hangers for other clothes and keeps all your tanks in one spot.
10. Need to work from home but don’t have room for an office? Create a multipurpose desk with an old door and two bookcases, as shown by Martha Stewart
Want a DIY project that’s fun and easy? Use two book shelves and a door to create the perfect office space. You can use an old door or purchase a custom made door from a local store (consider it an investment in your business). Attach the door to two book cases for a beautiful office feature that pulls double duty and looks good doing it.
11. Simple labels will help you to organize your pantry, byLandesee Landeedo
Organizing doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive. Simply printing off a few labels and attaching them to vinyl containers will make your cupboards look more organized. Plus, no more pulling the lid off to make sure you have baking soda and not powdered sugar the next time you’re cooking your favorite dish.
12. Shallow storage caddies add storage room to any bathroom, by Better Homes and Gardens
Limited storage space in the bathroom may mean getting a bit creative. Using the back side of cupboard doors is a great way to reclaim wasted space. Attach shallow caddy shelves to the doors and label for s simple, but effective, way to keep things in order.
13. A pan organizer rack always comes in handy, sold onAmazon
Boom. Crash. Wham. That’s usually what it sounds like when you’re digging around in the kitchen trying to find the right pan for dinner. Keep the chaos contained with this fun pan organizer. You can store it on the counter top for easy access, or tuck it away out of sight.
Buy the exact pan organizer rack here.
14. Organizing your office or craft supplies was never easier or more affordable, thanks to this idea by Refreshing the Home
Dollar store bin, check. Empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut to fit), check. Insert the toilet paper rolls into your bin and fill with pens, markers, crayons, pencils and other crafty-goods. This simple project keeps items organized and standing up so you can get what you need right away. You may need to trim the rolls to get the right height.
15. Under the shelf basket to maximize its capacity, sold onAmazon
Get extra storage space by adding an under-the shelf basket. Using the same concept as storing up, this basket takes advantage of wasted space to store items. Snag this affordable storage tool off of Amazon or at a local home storage store.
Purchase the exact one here.
16. “Useless” space in your attic? Not anymore thanks toAtticMaxx
If you have some funky attic space, you don’t have to let it go to waste. These cool shelves are designed to slide into attic corners, so you can get the most out of your house. Storing items to the side frees up more floor space and makes it easier to keep attic storage organized. The shelf installs quickly and fits most attic spaces.
Want the above set up in your attic? Purchase it here.
17. Dollar store magazine holders for many items in your pantry, by Mom with a Prep

Another dollar-store bargain: magazine holders. Place them in any of your cupboards for cheap, easy organization. They’re the perfect size to hold your boxes of spaghetti in one place!
Do you have any creative ideas for home storage? Share your tips in the comments below.