18 Sleepy Puppies Who Found The Most Awkward Spots For A Snooze.


When you’re tired, and I mean really tired, you feel like you can fall asleep just about anywhere. Long flights and road trips are especially tempting snooze spots. If you manage to actually catch some Zs, you’ll only regret it later when you wake up with a crick in your neck. Bye, bye sweet dreams and hello heating pad.

Puppies must be much more resilient than us, though, since they can fall asleep almost anywhere without a care in the world. I’d be jealous, but they’re still just too cute.

1.) This dog is half-Labrador and half-Gumby.

2.) Almost made it all the way.

3.) The couch wasn’t quite comfy enough on its own.

4.) Paint me like one of your French girls…zzz.

5.) The basket isn’t big enough for all the sleeps.

6.) Too sleepy even for food.

7.) Seriously, eating is exhausting.

8.) The big guy stole his spot, so he had to improvise.

9.) Nothing like a good snooze.

10.) Tasty leather dreams.

11.) The sassiest dreamer.

12.) All work and no play makes for one sleepy pup.

13.) Perfect for soothing sinus headaches.

14.) This is definitely the cutest desk toy in the office.

15.) The classic stretch and fall asleep while stretching pose.

16.) Too tired from fighting his way to the food.

17.) I’m just glad there aren’t any bats in the cave.

18.) Power walk? He thought you sad power nap.

(via 22 Words/ViralNova.)

Their little puppy lives are can get really tiring. You try being as cute as them all the time!