Here Are 20 Celebrities Before And After Photoshop. What The?


Stars–they’re just like us! Well, they are just like us before their pictures are manipulated by the photo-editing program Photoshop. With just a few clicks, Photoshop can get rid of acne, wrinkles, and other imperfections. It’s a pretty cool tool, when it’s not being used to mislead the public. You have to see just how different these celebrities look before and after their pictures are Photoshopped. It’s the difference between night and day that someone cropped the sun out of.

1.) Angelina Jolie

2.) Kim Cattrall

3.) Lindsay Lohan

4.) Gwen Stefani

5.) George Clooney

6.) Madonna

7.) Bethenny Frankel

8.) Avril Lavigne

9.) Shakira

10.) Rachel McAdams

11.) Katie Couric

12.) Fergie

13.) Penelope Cruz

14.) Scarlett Johansson

15.) Ashlee Simpson

16.) Kate Moss

17.) Jennifer Aniston

18.) Faith Hill

19.) Britney Spears

20.) Emma Watson

(via BuzzFeedXaxor,ViralNova)

Wow. Who needs a personal trainer when you have Photoshop? It’s good to know that celebrities aren’t nearly as perfect as they seem to be. However, how are us normal people supposed to compete with fake photos that are absolutely perfect? It’s just insane what the media wants most people to believe.

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