> Biggest Break-Up Text Fails

Biggest Break-Up Text Fails

  • #1 Mixed Messages

These two lovers have their wired all crossed. How can one person want to break up and another want to get married? We bet the next few texts message would have been even more entertaining.



  • #2 Denial 101

Deny, deny, deny! That’s the strategy here. If you don’t want to come to terms with a break-up, then just pretend it didn’t happen. What could go wrong?




  • #3 Get Over It

This person needs to move on. Anyone who sends break-up-iversary texts shouldn’t be allowed to have a phone.





  • #4 Unfazed

When you’re THAT sexy it’s really hard to get offended.




  • #5 Too Soon

Oh God. This has to be the worst timing to bring up a break-up. Then again, maybe her boyfriend had his friend do this on purpose.




  • #6 Dude Speak

This is how to break up with someone in dude speak. Who knew meatheads could be good at analogies? PS. Push-ups on your knees DO count as working out.




  • #7 Wrong Number

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person and had a moment of sheer panic? Well, this may be that situation at its best. If this man did’t want to break-up with his wife, he should have double checked who he was sending this to.




  • #8 Bazinga!

Ouch. “Babe” here seems to know what they want, and it’s someone exactly the opposite of the person they are breaking up with.




  • #9 You*

Avoidance at its finest. This is the perfect example of how NOT to deal with the potential life of a human being that You* created.




  • #10 Na na na na…Break-Up Man!

This guy almost gets away with using a famous Batman scene to break-up with his girlfriend. Too bad he used a movie that virtually everyone has seen. Stick to the indie films next time, dude!