> She Bought A Rubber Doormat. Instead Of Using It For The Door, She Took It In The Bedroom For THIS!

She Bought A Rubber Doormat. Instead Of Using It For The Door, She Took It In The Bedroom For THIS!


Normally doormats are for your feet, but this one is for heads! It’s so easy to make, too!

Just when you thought there was no way you could be surprised by another amazing DIY project, this came along.

The newest item you need for your bedroom? A rubber doormat.

Now, that sounds pretty much ridiculous, but Kara from the blog, Kara Paslay Designs, shared why getting a mat to put in your room is the best thing you can do because it makes the cutest headboard!

“When I saw this rubber doormat at Target, I knew I had found the perfect piece to DIY my own version of the West Elm headboard with ease,” Kara wrote on her blog post about the project.


With just four doormats, Kara was able to create a gorgeous headboard that would look amazing in any room — with any decor!

To complete the project, Kara started with her four basic mats.


She decided to spray paint them all a clean white to go with the style of her master bedroom.

Then, she measured the size of four mats, stacked in two rows, side by side, and cut a piece of plywood that would watch.

“Two mats side by side make the perfect width for a queen size bed,” Kara wrote.

Once she had the right size for the plywood and the piece was cut, she stained it.

Kara decided on a soft yellow, but gave a few tips on different options you can choose.

“If you want the piece to look more like the West Elm version, paint the plywood the same color as the wall so it looks as if there is no backing.”

The best part about this project is that you can customize it to fit your room, and no matter what you choose, it is bound to look gorgeous and professional.

When everything had been painted and stained, she let it all dry.

After that, Kara attached the doormats to the plywood using a finish nailer.

To complete the look, she also added a two-inch trim around the edges of the frame painted the same color as her doormats.


The result is gorgeous!

“Our queen size version was less that $100,” Kara wrote. “Compare that to the $400 queen size from West Elm and we’ve just saved $300!!”