She Bought Toy Train Tracks From IKEA And Now Uses Them On The Wall For THIS! How ADORABLE!


If your kid doesn’t play with their toy train tracks anymore, this is what you should be doing with all those little pieces.

Wooden train tracks are one of those staple toys that can be found in most households, but did you know that they’re good for more than just playing?

Medina Grillo from the blog, Grillo Designs, shared how she used the IKEA toy for something else once her son outgrew them!

“Over the months, my son had built up quite a collected of train tracks, for them for some reason suddenly lost interest in them,” Medina wrote on her blog post about the project. “For a long time they stayed packed away in our storage bedroom.”

Then, one day after seeing inspiration online, Medina decided to use the tracks to create a tree using the tracks on the wall of her son’s bedroom!

She started by picking out the tracks that would work best for the shape of a tree.


Then, starting at the baseboards on the wall, she stuck blue tack to the back of the track pieces and started sticking them to the wall.

“I worked my way up the wall using the ‘straight’ tracks — making sure to place three tracks close to each other to create the thickness of tree ‘bark,’” Medina wrote.

When the trunk of the tree was at a height she liked, Medina then used the bridge track pieces, which allowed the tree to start branching out.

From then on she started using curved track pieces to make the limbs of the tree.


“This can be designed anyway you want, but I stuck with the rule: one track facing inwards and the next track facing outward,” Medina wrote.

It took her a few different trials of rearranging the branching to get the shape of the tree that she wanted.


Once that was done, she moved on to decorating it. Instead of adding leaves, Medina filled the space around the branches with wooden letters!

“I decorated them with fabric, paint, and decoupage paper,” Medina wrote. “I managed to place the whole alphabet around the tree in four rows. I needed it to have some sort of order to it so my son would be able to engage and learn from it.”


Medina said she used blue tack to stick everything to the wall, which ended up working really well!

When she’s all finished, the tree looks adorable and is perfect for any kid’s bedroom!


Find more details about the project here.