> Command hooks are so versatile. Expert DIYer shares 13 nifty ways to use them at home

Command hooks are so versatile. Expert DIYer shares 13 nifty ways to use them at home


Have you ever heard of 3M’s Command hooks? They are a godsend to anyone with an apartment who can’t nail or drill into their walls. Command hooks are hooks that come in all different shapes and sizes that have heavy duty sticky backings that don’t destroy your walls.

Over the years people have gotten pretty crafty when it comes to clever ways to use them. Here are 13 ways to use Command hooks that you probably never thought of.

Create a Shoe Rack

Place a curtain rod between two metallic Command hooks and hang your shoes from them.

Source: Command.com

Hang a Tablet

You can have a TV in just about any room with some Command hooks and a tablet.

Source: Lifehacker

Hang Bulky Utensils

Prevent bulky utensils from taking up space in your drawers by hanging them.

Source: Simply Darling

Tuck Away Cables

Never trip over a cable or wire every again! You can tuck your wire and cables away with some Command hooks.

Source: Hi Sugar Plum

Mount a Router to the Wall

Command hooks work great for securing routers to your wall, which can help improve your internet connection.

Source: Lifehacker

Hang a Curtain Rod

Place a curtain rod between two metallic Command hooks to hang a curtain.

Source: Command.com

Keep Garbage Can in Place

Wrap your garbage bag handles to some Command hooks to keep it from slipping.

Source: Lifehacker

Mount Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap

Use Command hooks to mount your aluminum foil and plastic wrap for easy access.

Source: Ask Anna

Organize Your Pot Lids

Command hooks can help you organize your pot lids and bring more space in your cabinets.

Source: Lifehacker

Hang Shower Caddies

Sometimes those suction cups just won’t do it and sometimes the shower head isn’t the best place to hang your shower caddies. Use Command hooks instead.

Source: The Crazy Craft Lady

Attach a Scoop

Never search for your scooper again. Fasten it to your container with a Command hook.

Source: A Thousand Words

Wrap Your Cords

Prevent your cords from dangling and hanging by wrapping them around a Command hook.

Source: Good Housekeeping

Toothbrush Holder

Source: Pinterest

Keep your toothbrushes out of sight by turning Command hooks sideways and placing them on the inside of your medicine cabinet.

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