Cop Goes Viral For Helping A Toddler Found Alone On The Street


A2-year-old wandering the streets of Cincinnati alone in the dark was lucky to have been found by two kindhearted police officers.

Like the Utah cop who took care of a stranger’s child in a courthouse and the one in Washington who comforted an infant after a crash, the caring efforts of these Ohio officers haven’t gone unnoticed.

Officer Jamie Landrum was the one who scooped up the toddler after responding to a call from a concerned resident.

“I felt so bad for him because I was cold outside and I had my jacket and all of this gear on and I was still cold, and he didn’t have on anywhere near what I had on,” he told Cincinnati’s WLWT.

Without any luck locating the boy’s parents, the officer bought him some clothes and then took him to the precinct.

That’s when the toddler met Officer Will Nastold, who occupied him by playing with him. In a now viral photo, the cop is seen on the floor in his uniform with the young boy by his side.

“So at that point, I did what I enjoy most,” Officer Nastold said. “I got in there and I just started playing and grabbing toys.”

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