These Creepy Animals Are Living Nightmares. I Didn’t Even Know They Existed!


Think about all of the creatures that live on your block. Dogs, cats, rats, bugs, birds… it would be almost impossible to name them all (without becoming seriously obsessed and living on the street corner). Now, think about all of the animals in your state, your countryand the world.

There would be so many to consider, it’s no wonder that new species are being discovered every day. Many animals exist right under our noses, while we have no idea. Take these animals for example.

Did you know these were real? I certainly didn’t. (And I wish I could forget that some of them exist.)

(H/T RedditVia ViralNova)

The animal kingdom can be majestic, but obviously it can also be a frightening and strange place. Most of these animals wouldn’t be found in zoos – and for good reason. The goblin shark will haunt my dreams for years.

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