She Drew A Design On The Canvas In Pencil Then Traced Over It With GLUE! What She Puts On Top? GORGEOUS!


Get ready for the easiest and cutest DIY home decor project that is bound to keep you busy this weekend.

In fact, this project is so much fun that it will probably be hard to make just one!

Sam from DIY Candy shared how she makes the coolest canvas wall art using GLUE!

The finished product is so chic, and the best part is that it will literally go with any room theme!

“I love it,” Sam wrote on her blog post about the project. “It was really fun to make, totally customizable, and really pretty in the end! Next time you need to add some decor to your home, make this DIY canvas wall art!”

She started the project by gathering all the supplies, which include a canvas of any size, white spray paint, white glue, and a pencil.

Plus, you’ll need to know what design or phrase you want to put on your canvas and maybe have a stencil if you don’t want to draw something free hand.


Once everything was ready to go, Sam started drawing her pattern on the canvas.

“If you aren’t feeling very creative or you want to make it more exact, there is another option,” Sam wrote on her post. “You can print something from the internet and place the paper down on the canvas with a piece of carbon transfer paper in between.”

After she liked how her design looked, Sam carefully went over every line and mark with her white glue.


The glue works to make the pattern pop off the canvas — creating a three-dimensional, raised design.

The point isn’t for the glue to stick to anything. After she finished, all she had to do was wait for it to dry.

“If you find that your glue settles flatter than you want, go over your design one more time once it has dried,” Sam wrote.

It’s also okay if you have little pencil marks showing. Don’t worry about making it perfect because after the glue dried, Sam gave it a clean look by spraying over the whole thing with white spray paint.

The end result is so gorgeous, and it would look so cute in any home!