She Drilled Holes In The Center Of Her DISHES! Then, She Grabbed A Metal Rod And Made THIS For The Bathroom!!


It’s time to take your dishes into the bathroom so that you can really get yourself organized! Plus, it’s so cute!

Do you ever see dishes at the store that you just love but don’t need because you already have a set?

Well, now you have an excuse to take the cute set to the checkout because you can use your dishware to organize your bathroom!

Cher from the blog, Designs by Studio C, came up with the cutest idea to use a coffee mug, bowl, and plate to create the cutest tiered organizer for makeup and jewelry!

“A lady always needs a place to keep her jewelry and toiletries neatly organized,” Cher wrote on her blog post about the project. “Why not create an organizer just for her using dinnerware? The dinnerware can be old or new, mixed or matched! This would be a fabulous gift for someone special!”

She began by drilling holes into the center of her plate, bowl, and mug.


Then, she set the dishes aside and figured out the rest of the materials she would need to put the pieces together.

Cher said she decided how tall she wanted her organizer to be, and then she cut the length of a metal rod accordingly. After that, she sprayed the rod, washers, and nuts with primer and a silver paint.


Then it was time to start putting it together. To do so, she started by threading a nut and washer onto the rod, then put the plate behind it.


She sandwiched the plate with a second washer and nut to keep it in place at the bottom of the rod.

After that, she repeated the first step by adding a nut and washer towards the center of the rod, where she wanted the second level (the bowl) to rest.


Like with the plate, once the bowl was in place, she secured it with a washer and nut.

Cher repeated the process one more time with the mug in order to finish the third level of her organizer.


Then, she grabbed a cute drawer knob to disguise the top of the rod sticking out of the mug.

“For the finishing touch, glue the drawer pull to the top of the rod inside the cup,” Cher wrote.


When she’s finished, the new organizer is so cute.


It looks even better when it’s filled with all her beauty products!


Find more details about the project here.