It’s Easy To Spot The One Tiger. But If You Can Spot The Hidden Tiger You Have An Above Average IQ..


htgWhen you look at the painting, you might be surprised to know there’s something hiding in plain sight. That’s right.

Can you spot the hidden tiger in the painting?

Of course there’s a tiger staring at you straight in the middle of the painting by Donald “Rusty” Rust. But we promise that the hidden tiger is in the scene waiting for you to discover it!

Rust is known for his illusions but he also paints circus scenes, landscapes, and portraits. He loves using oil painting and he writes on his website, “realism is his style, but he wants to take the collector’s imagination one step further.”

Ready to find the hidden tiger? Look carefully at Rust’s painting.

If you’re stumped, scroll down for the answer.

Did the hidden tiger fool you? If so you’re not alone, the majority of viewers can’t see it.

But once it’s revealed, you won’t be able to un-see it…


This visual illusion has tricked people for 110 years. Will it trick you?