Everyone Has Watched Dominoes Fall Before… But This? I’m Totally Mesmerized.


I used to love the “idea” of dominoes. I’d set up a handful, and watch them magically knock each other down, succumbing the gravity. I even liked to do little tricks, whether trying to go down some stairs, or land one on my sleeping dog  But I lacked the patience to make them bigger, and better. And I especially couldn’t convince my parents to buy hundreds of them.

So when I saw what this guy did with not hundreds, but tens of thousands of dominoes, you can imagine how I felt. “He lived my dream!”

Oh well, he truly is “king of the dominoes!”

Check out the full video below:


If that doesn’t amaze, or even hypnotize you, I don’t know what will. Now where’s the nearest toy store… it’s time to bother the dog again 

Source: YouTube

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