> Family Displays All Of Grandmother’s Quilts Honoring Her Life At Her Funeral

Family Displays All Of Grandmother’s Quilts Honoring Her Life At Her Funeral


When Margaret Hubl of Nebraska passed away last July at the age of 89, she left behind a legacy that is sure to continue. Hubl was a quilter and made quilts for the loved ones in her life.

And so, Hubl’s children and grandchildren decided to display the quilts that she had made at her funeral, draping them over the back of the pews.

The quilts covered almost every pew in the church, and bringing the quilts together gave the family a chance to truly appreciate how many quilts Hubl had created.

Source: Today

Quilts were Hubl’s gifts to her family members. She had three children and took in her sister-in-law’s twins after a tragedy. Hubl began sewing in order to make clothes for her children. As her children grew up and had their own kids, Hubl wanted to give her grandchildren items of their own.

And so, Hubl began to make quilts. She made quilts for each grandchild, which they received when they graduated high school.

Source: Today

Hubl hoped that the quilts would give her grandchildren something warm and secure to take with them when they went away to school. Hubl put a lot of effort and detail into her quilts, making sure that each quilt was just right for its recipient. Hubl kept a notebook to track details of each quilt that she was working on.

Source: Today

Soon, Hubl began crafting quilts to serve as wedding gifts when her grandchildren got married.

Three of Hubl’s grandchildren who are not yet married got to see their quilts for the first time on the day of their grandmother’s funeral.

Through the countless hours that Hubl spent working on the quilts, she’s given her family something to hold onto for the rest of their lives. It’s clear that her love lives on, both in memory and in the quilts that she so painstakingly created.

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