First, She Painted The Broken Shutter. Now, She Keeps It On The KITCHEN TABLE For THIS! Clever!


When someone says shutters, you probably think about the hinged panels normally to the sides of a window.

A lot of times, shutters on windows are meant just for decor and don’t actually open and close.

More often than not, shutters are removed from the outside of windows completely, especially if they’re old and broken.

That doesn’t mean the wood is worthless though, and it definitely doesn’t mean you should throw it out.

If you have, or want to have, shutters, here’s 11 of the most interesting things you can do with them — none of which include decorating a window!

1. Bathroom storage


The panels that run horizontally across shutters are perfect for hanging baskets. This is a creative way to fill some space in the bathroom without creating too much work for yourself. Check it out here.

2. Doors


These shutters are much bigger than average, but it makes them the perfect piece to use for this fun, alternative sliding door. Check it out here.

3. Central information station


Every family should have one of these; it helps more than you could ever imagine. And, the shutters just so happen to be the perfect base on which to set all the great detail-oriented items you need to keep your family in motion. Check it out here.

4. Wall decor


You could add whatever word you wanted to this shutter, and it would still end up looking cute! Check it out here.

5. Towel rack


Turned on it’s side, shutters are a great length for hanging up supplies that you otherwise wouldn’t have a spot for. Check it out here.

6. Kitchen table bench


Spice it up a little when it comes to your kitchen furniture, and don’t just go for basic chairs. This seating is more intimate — and definitely more comfortable. Check it outhere.

7. A whole wall


Forget making something different entirely. You can use shutters for something as simple as covering something else up! This is such a fun accent wall. Check it outhere.

8. A table


Using shutters for a tabletop can make all the difference — turning a piece into a focal point in a room. Check it out here.

9. Kitchen island


If the one thing your kitchen is missing for you is an island, you don’t have to be without any longer. Check it out here.

10. Table runner


Instead of using a fabric runner that just slides all over the place, put a shutter on the table and it will instantly feel like a designer came to do your place settings! Check it out here.

11. Headboard


This may be the easiest one yet, and the effect it creates is still really gorgeous. Check it out here.