What This Guy Did With A Bus From 1948 Is Unbelievable. Look Inside – I WANT ONE!


In May 2012, freelance Surf-craft builder Ryan Lovelace met a new love in the form an old Chevy bus from 1948. He named her Ophelia.

His blog post about the day he bought her says it all:

Late May 2012 – The day I bought Ophelia.  The 1948 Chevy bus I found on craigslist that was described as, “Runs, Drives, Stops, Registered.” That was all I had to know.

Since then, Ryan has worked tirelessly to refurbish Ophelia and has successfully turned her into his new rolling home.


That’s it… I’m going to start looking on Craigslist for a 1948 bus of my own. Before you do the same, give me a head start by sharing this story below.