What This Guy Did Is Probably The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Seen. But I Can’t Stop Laughing.


What you’re about to see is possibly the craziest and funniest thing you’ll see all year.

Mr. Sebuyama, a blogger for a Japanese humor website called Omocoro, recently published these hilarious pictures of himself wearing nothing but a pink sweater. The pictures were a part of a satirical article/guide he wrote about an ingenious idea he had on how someone could keep warm and not spend any money on electricity simply by wearing nothing but a pink sweater-bodysuit.

So with out further ado, here’s Sebuyama’s guide to staying warm in the winter:

And to think, during this unusually cold winter all I needed to stay warm and cosy was a pink sweater…well, and a whole lot of courage too.

Source: Omocoro (Original Japanese article) / RocketNews24 (for English translations)

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