This Is What Happens When You Force Your Kids To Go Shopping With You. #7 Is DONE… LOL.


Taking your child shopping can be a rough experience. They can be loud, rude, tired or grumpy. It’s a gamble every time you strap your toddler into a basket and walk into a Target. But the next time you’re with your child and they’re throwing a tantrum (or you see a kid about to melt down), have some compassion.

Because the odds are they don’t want any part of this experience, either. These 23 kids were absolutely (and hilariously) defeated by their mortal enemy: the shopping trip.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

Parents, you may have won the battle… but you have yet to win the war. Sooner or later these kids will find a way to be victorious when it comes to shopping trips. They’ll most likely get their revenge when they’re finally teenagers. Then they’ll be asking for spending money left and right, it’ll come full circle.

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