She Hated Her Iron Railing, So She Took It OUT And Replaced It With THIS! The Result? SO Much Better!


The iron railing was her least favorite part of the house, so she got rid of it! Now it’s perfect!

Not every home comes exactly like you imagine your dream house to look like. In fact, most of the homes people buy look nothing like the floor plan they have in their heads.

Most of us do what we can to get at least a little closer to that image, though.

That’s what Tara Boettger from the blog, Just Call Me Homegirl, was thinking when she decided to take out the railing of her stairs!!

“At the top of the stairs was a typical raised ranch iron railing,” Tara wrote on her blog post about the project. “I hated it. It felt cold, uninviting, and not to mention that people walking up the stairs had a great view of any dust or rolling cat hair tumbleweeds.”


Her solution to the railing was simply to take them out! So, that’s exactly what she did. And, she decided to replaced them with an adorable bookshelf!

She started by making a basic sketch of the bookshelf she wanted to put in place of the top railing, so this step included a lot of measurements.


Once Tara had a good idea of what she wanted it to look like, she removed the iron railings with the help of her dad.

Then it was time to build the basic structure of the bookcase. Tara said the biggest concern was making it stable enough so that no safety elements were lost due to the project.


Once it was in, it was time to take a look at the other side of the bookcase where the previous railing met the edge.


“We just added another sheet of Sheetrock to the back of the bookcase, taped, primed, and painted,” Tara wrote on her blog post about the project. “We also cut a hole in the wall that led to downstairs where our wood stove is. There was a lot of heat that got trapped in that corner and the pass thru now lets so much heat upstairs!”

Then it was time to get painting.

Tara decided to keep the back of the bookshelf the same color as the rest of the walls, and then she painted everything else a bright white.


The last thing to do was fill the shelves with decor!


The result is beautiful!


Find more details about the project here.