Here’s The Warning This Mom Has After Her Daughter Ended Up Very Bloody On The Playground…


One thing that can upset a lot of people is the fact that there are often times unwanted guests hanging out at playgrounds designed for children, especially at night when nobody is around to tell them to get out of there.

When people hang out in playgrounds at night, they typically aren’t there for the swings either, but more for a location that they can open up a few bottles and have a merry time, however such a seemingly harmless action can prove actually quite harmful to some children.

Where do the bottles go after they have been used?  Most of the time on the ground, which is exactly why a little girl in the UK got so injured when she just wanted to go down one of her favorite slides at a playground.

It was a seemingly normal and pleasant day in the Kitson Park in Torquay just Sunday, but little 2 year old Demi-Mai was in for a surprise when she went down the slide.

Amy Smith’s two year old daughter had been trying to get up to the slide by herself for quite a while, but could not manage to get herself up there.

Finally, on this day, little Demi-Mai brought herself to the top of the slide with the rope that dangles down, and then proceeded to go down to the bottom.

On the day down, she hit a glass bottle which in turn sliced the side of her leg in a way that made her bleed profusely.


Demi was immediately taken to the hospital due to the concern from her mother due to all the blood that was everywhere.

Doctors were able to clean her up, disinfect the wounds, and release Demi-Mai without any stitches, which is remarkable considering the type of condition that she was left in.

Smith is still very upset by what happened, and believes that somebody left the bottle there intentionally because they are just bad people when she said, “I’m really angry that someone would do that in a children’s play park,”

Demi-Mai is now recovering at home, but is still in constant pain because of the huge gash on her leg. Smith says that she hopes what happened to her daughter will do two things.

First off, she hope that other parents will see what can happen if the ground that your child is playing on is not deemed as safe or looked over before they go an explore.  You never know what playgrounds can have on the inside.  In fact, just last week a little girl was bitten by a poisonous snake in her school yard playground.

Second, she hope that other people will see what can happen when they do not pick up after themselves, and how their actions can so negatively affect the lives of innocent little kids.

What do you think of this situation?  Should any additional efforts be taken by public authorities to crack down on unsolicited playground activities?  Let us know in the comments below