Horse Discovers Water For The First Time, And It’s Hilarious To Watch


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it… like the water? Something like that.

A young equestrian named Anna recently posted this amazing video with her horse, Magic, on Facebook — and everyone quickly fell in love. As she tried to cross a river with Magic, it was clear to see the horse was anything but thrilled. At first, he was confused, scared and apprehensive — unsure of how to maneuver around the strange liquid or what steps to take next in lieu of the wet stuff crawling toward his hooves. But then, Magic certainly lived up to his name.

After an entire minute of trying to persuade Magic into the river, the nervous horse decided to step his hoof into the water. He finally realized what he’d been missing out on the whole time. Water is awesome! And he just wants to play!

I couldn’t stop smiling watching this beautiful horse splashing around like a little kid. One YouTube commenter says it best: You can actually see the exact point where he goes, “Heeeeey, WAIT a minute… that looks fun! I think I wanna try!”

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