Do You Have An Above Intelligent IQ? You Just Might, If You Can Spot All 7 Horses. Here’s The Answer


Artists have been creating spot it images for a long time, however such quizzes have been taken to the next level since the invention of Photoshop.

One artist by the name of Bev Doolittle wanted to make some spot it images, but did so using no computerized tools, only his paintbrush and a canvas.

The end result is so beautiful and perfect that you would think it was made in a computerized photo environment, however it was all done by hand!

Doolittle painted horses.  He made his first painting called Pintos in 1975 when they were travelling around South America.

Doolittle and his wife saw some horses there, and decided they looked amazing so he painted away.

Though he might not have realized it, Doolittle had painted an amazing spot it image.  Can you see all the horses in this painting?  There should be five.


At first, people couldn’t even agree on how many horses were there!


Another painting done by Jim Warren does not have the same realist feel to it, but more of a magical and airy feel.  He took the same idea though and painted seven horses into this picture.

Can you find all seven?  Most people miss at least one.


The first five may not be too hard to spot, but the last two will really get you.


This one is not directly a horse, but the outline of one.


You need to flip the picture upside down to see one of them, how tricky!


The last horse left his footprints in the sand.

If you want to learn more about these beautiful paintings, you can learn more here and let us know if you were able to spot all the horses by yourself in the comments below!