I’ve Found A Way To Make People Smile Whilst Making A Living Travelling The World


Ever since Bored Panda helped my photography style go viral last year (see my previous posts here and here), I’ve been flooded with offers to pick up my camera & paper cut-outs and head off to some incredible destinations. Over the last six months I’ve been to Singapore, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Val D’Isere, New York and Las Vegas with various tourist boards and brands.

It’s been an incredible string of adventures around the world, all whilst pursuing new levels of creativity in my photos – and what’s made these last six months extra special is that people around the globe have taken an interest in what I do. My Instagram following has climbed to 165k+ (@paperboyo) and I’m starting to be recognised in places I travel to. To be in a position where I can travel, do what I love and make people smile at the same time is a pretty privileged place to be and I’m looking forward to sharing more photos from future adventures.