> How to make a Dreamy Light-Up Headboard

How to make a Dreamy Light-Up Headboard

Cutting out the excess is rarely easy, whether we’re talking food, electronics, TV or work. But this divine do-it-yourself project from Meredith at The Palette Muse will make letting go of a traditional headboard easy as pie.
She explains that their bedroom is not very big and that it felt cramped with so much furniture.
Below is what the finished project looks like in daylight after thinning out the furniture, and removing their traditional headboard and the footboard on the bed.
Here’s the daytime look:
Here’s an overview of what this “very budget-savvy” project involves:
— A curtain rod that can expand to at least 70 inches
— 3 or more curtain panels plus clips if the panels lack backtabs or grommets
— 1 to 2 strings of white holiday lights (80-100 lights)
— Small nails or tacks plus a hammer (try 3M Command hooks for a no-hole approach)
— Remote control plug adapter
She notes a few things to consider (there are more details on the site), such as her bed is queen size, make sure the light cord is white if your room is a light shade or green if a darker hue, curtain thickness is key since you don’t want them too sheer or too heavy.
When you get ready to use the clips, Meredith says you’ll get a smoother look if you “join the edges of the curtain panels together on one clip, with the seams facing backward to the wall.” After all the panels are up on the rod, take a step back and make sure it looks centered and balanced.
For this setup, put eight nails or tacks about 4 inches below the curtain rod, spacing them at intervals of 8 to 9 inches apart. Now string your lights over the nails or tacks — and don’t puncture the wire. After you plug in the lights and check them, it is curtain time.
As you can see, the full effect at night is indeed “dreamy.” By the way fellow bookworms, Meredith notes that “you’ll have just enough light to read by, while still keeping a cozy ambience in the room.”
Please go to Meredith’s site for the full tutorial and to find out more about her work. And don’t forget to Share if you found this as covet-worthy as we did!