> Make Your Neighbors Jealous With These Incredible Garage Door Designs

Make Your Neighbors Jealous With These Incredible Garage Door Designs


I love finding new ways to punch up forgotten items in my house.

Thanks to the internet, there are a number of amazing ways to add a bit of DIY “flair” to the ordinary and mundane — like with this fantastic tutorial for repurposing old sweaters into luxurious-looking throw pillows.

And when I discovered the shocking new trend of garage door makeovers, I had to learn more.

Garages are usually just a place to store your car, tools, and leftover junk. But more and more people are now thinking of their garage doors as a blank canvas for truly stunning scenes.

These optical illusion murals are easy to create, and the results will blow the entire neighborhood away. Whether you’re looking to “convert” your garage into a full-scale airport hangar or a charming Italian vineyard, garage door decals allow you take this oft-overlooked part of your home and turn it into a museum-worthy masterpiece.

What image would you showcase on your garage door? Let us know in the comments.

Brick Wall hanging Plants Beautiful Garage Door

Transform your garage door into a gorgeous path through an English garden.


These photo tarpaulins will fool your neighbors into thinking they’ve been suddenly transported to the Italian countryside.


This gigantic crocodile decal is sure to terrify the mailman.


Turn your garage into a gorgeous fauxnlibrary to entice your book-loving friends.


Trick family into believing you’ve just bought yourself a brand-new airplane.


Or fool your friends into thinking you’ve sprung for a luxury boat.


This garage mural will have you opting to hop on the subway instead of getting into your car.


Why not grab some sodas and bring your pals to the next “soccer match?”


This garage mural allows you to build your own barn, without any of the upkeep.


The whole neighborhood will think they’ve suddenly landed in the storybook classic Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. 


This optical illusion will have the neighborhood kids trying (and failing) to explore these creepy faux rooms.


Transform a three-car garage into an entire airplane hangar and absolutely confound your new neighbors.


Let your little one be a king for a day with this fanciful medieval-themed garage decal.


You’ll have the fire department pretty confused once you’ve put this realistic garage mural on display.

Specialized garage decals are a totally creative way to punch up a rather dull garage door  and have the whole neighborhood talking.

Would you want any of these fun murals in your driveway? Let us know in the comments.

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