This Man Injected his Newborn Baby With HIV. But That’s Not Even the Most Shocking Part.


When Bryyan Jackson was only 11 months-old, his father tried to kill him by doing something incredibly cruel: he injected the baby with HIV-tainted blood. His father, Brian Stewart, was trying to avoid paying child support.

So he tried to kill his infant son… and doomed him to a difficult life if he survived.

Doctors were shocked that he lived past the age of six… and now they are shocked again to hear that Bryyan’s body has basically beaten the virus. But what’s even more miraculous? Bryyan forgives his father.

The 22 year-old gives credit to his Christian faith for his positive attitude.

“I think there is salvation for everyone, and I find myself praying for his salvation.”

Bryyan is both physically and spiritually miraculous. More people need to hear about his amazing survival – and forgiveness.