More people in Canada are refusing to use self-checkout machines because “They kill jobs”


Nowadays, finding a job is a real struggle. The country is facing a huge job shortage and while name the outsourcing as the major cause of this situation, no one can deny that automation might in fact be the real culprit.

we may not notice but the automation is almost everywhere now. One obvious example of automation is the new self-checkout machines at supermarkets and drugstores. Customers check-out their own groceries or purchases as opposed to being checked out by a cashier.

While an employee will usually stand guard over the self-checkout area to guard against shoplifting and dishonesty, the proliferation of self-checkout machines means that stores don’t need to hire as many workers, which in turn leads to fewer job opportunities.

However, some people are fighting back against automation by refusing to use self-checkout machines and kiosks. A study by the Canadian Dalhousie University has revealed that most shoppers prefer to pay for their goods the old-fashioned way.

While two-thirds of survey respondents said that they’d used self-checkout machines in the past, only 11% cited these machines as their preferred way to pay. Experts speculate that there might be myriad reasons behind this growing backlash to self-checkout kiosks

Besides the fact that they eliminate jobs, many people prefer the face-to-face interaction that comes with the traditional method of paying for one’s purchases.As automation continues to grow and expand, this debate is only going to get more heated

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