She Had An Old Ironing Board She Was About To Toss. Instead She Takes The Cover Off And Does THIS…



Ironing boards used to be a common necessity in households, but now their presence in the homes of many is becoming sparse.

So what do you do with your old ironing board that you don’t use anymore? Don’t worry, because these creative tricks can transform your old ironing board into something way more useful in your household.

An Accent Table


Take off the cover from your board and there you have it, you already have yourself a brand new table.

A Bookshelf


This one is so simple, yet so handy! Store your books on your ironing board to give them their very own shelf.

A Work Desk


Turn your ironing board into a chair to save money and create a space for any student trying to get their work done.

Craft Tool Storage


By drilling a few holes and adding some shelving, you can create a place to store your craft supplies. Feel free to decorate the board by painting it to make it match your room.

A Jewelry Stand


By creating a jewelry stand you have a place to display your jewelry while at the same time keeping it untangled.

A Hanging Jewelry Display


This idea is similar to the jewelry stand, but with the stylistic choice of hanging it rather than letting it rest on your floor. This is better for if you have a smaller sized ironing board.

A Laundry Organizer


Store your laundry supplies by using your ironing board as the holder. You would store your ironing board with your laundry anyway, this way you get more use out of it and you can hang it on a door!

Sewing Supplies Organizer


Keep all of your sewing supplies neat and organized by turning your ironing board into a holder for all your supplies. This way you have everything right in front of you so you always know where everything is when you need it.

Customizable Side Table


The small size and slenderness of ironing boards make them easy to put anywhere. In this case, you can use it as a table to store whatever you want in whatever space you want.

Christmas Tree Display


Paint your ironing board green and decorate it as a festive Christmas tree. Add your own ornaments and decorations to add your own special touch.

Welcome Sign


Decorate your ironing board to create your own one of a kind welcome sign! Welcome mats get dirty and can be unnoticeable, but this sign is sure to be a beautiful addition to any home.

A Laundry Room Table Top


All you have to do is put the top of an ironing board on top of an organizer, and you have yourself the perfect space to keep all of your laundry supplies together.

If you liked any of these ideas let us know what you think in the comments below!