One Incredible Father Teaches Other Dads How To Do Their Daughters’ Hair


The bond between a father and a daughter is a particularly special one.

There are seemingly endless heartwarming stories of dads who do wonderful things for their daughters, like this single father who recreated touching photos of his late wife with his daughter. And when I spotted this story about the incredible lengths one single dad went to for his daughter, I was absolutely inspired.

Philippe Morgese is a single dad who has been raising his daughter Emma since she was only one year old. Like many parents, Philippe struggled with being able to style his daughter’s hair on his own.

Slowly perfecting his abilities over the years, Philippe became somewhat of an expert in giving Emma cool hairstyles. And when I saw what he is doing now? My heart completely melted.

Scroll through below to see the incredible story of this loving father and daughter pair, and how this man was able to help other dads and daughters just like them.

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Being a single dad, Philippe found it very challenging to style the hair of his young daughter, Emma. But he was determined to get better and learn, seeing it as a valuable bonding opportunity. Over the years, as Philippe got better at doing Emma’s hair, other fathers began to ask him for advice. So he came up with an ingenious idea to help the other dads out.


He told BuzzFeed, “I get a lot of credit for doing her hair and hear compliments about my role as a father because of it. I want other dads to be able to experience that.”


So rather than simply give them advice, Philippe decided to hold a class for all of the fathers and their daughters! He told BuzzFeed, “I thought it would be easier to show them in person.” Using free space donated by a local beauty school, Philippe used Facebook to spread the word about the class.


Philippe continued, “I didn’t want any cost to anybody — I didn’t want to stop anyone from learning.” And the results? Plenty of parents showed up for the tutorial! “There was some struggling, but all the dads really put in the effort.”


Philippe even came up with his own organization to sponsor more of these classes called “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.” The description on Facebook reads, “Trying to inspire dads to get together with their daughters and learn hair care. It’s a great way to bond and create memories that last a lifetime.”


After sharing several photos of the event online, Philippe’s story quickly went viral, even inspiring salons as far away Germany to organize similar kinds of events.


But the largest impact was definitely on the dads and daughters who attended the class. Philippe wrote on Facebook, “I thought the class turned out great! We had a bunch of dads with their daughters and everyone was eager to learn.”


He continued, “I’m so proud of those that showed up and tried their best. We went over some of the basics, ponytails, braids and buns. You guys rocked it! I can’t express that enough.”


Philippe and Emma share an incredible bond with one another, and working together to inspire other families has only served to bring them closer together.


Philippe’s devotion to his daughter has proven to be an absolute inspiration to people around the world.

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