These Photos Blew Me Away. I’ve Never Seen Someone Capture Something So Perfectly.


What makes photographer Phillip Toledano’s work interesting isn’t necessarily his normal subjects. He is a talented photographer that has created photo series around various subjects, but one of his newer projects may be the most eye-catching. Phillip focused his camera on his own life and his newborn daughter, documenting the the entire first year and a half of his experience as a father. Whether you’re a parent or not, I think you’ll find his work (and personal transformation) enthralling.

In the end, the photos aren’t the focus, but the relationship that blossomed between father and daughter. Hesitation, fear and reluctancy are probably in the mind of every new parent. However, Phillip showed that growing into the role of a father will happen… no matter how long or hilarious the process is. It’s different for every parent.

Check out Phillip Toledano’s online portfolio to see more of his work. You may not look at parenthood or photographer the same way again.

Source: by Phillip Toledano via Slate

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