She Put A Stick Of Butter AND Cake Mix On Top Of THIS! 30 Minutes Later? Serve It With Ice Cream!!

Summer can’t end before you make this classic dessert. With school starting up any minute, you have just enough time left to make this easy version of the American favorite: peach cobbler.

Susan from the blog, Momcrieff, came up with the simplified, three-ingredient recipe, and it tastes amazing!

“A super simple three ingredient peach cobbler,” Susan wrote on her blog post about her recipe. “It’s probably the easiest recipe I’ve done and it was gobbled up the quickest.”

All she used to make the cobbler is a box of yellow cake mix, canned peaches, and a stick of butter!


To start, Susan covered the bottom and sides of her casserole dish with cooking spray and dropped in the can of peaches.

“With every delicious drop of juice,” Susan wrote about adding the liquid with the fruit. “I cut a few of the thicker ones in half.”

After the peaches were spread out evenly on the bottom of the dish, Susan started spreading the cake mix directly on top of it.

She spread it around in an even layer using a knife. However, Susan warned against mixing it into the peaches, adding that it should remain a powder on top of them.

When the mix was spread out evenly, it was time to add the last ingredient. Susan cut the stick of butter down into thin pieces and then spread them all out in rows over the powder.


This ensures that the butters get distributed evenly once it all begins to melt.

Finally, with everything added, it was time to stick the cobbler in the oven for about 30 minutes.

“You want it to be bubbly and the crust to be golden brown, Susan wrote.

Susan said she and her kids had to ignore the delicious smell in order for the cobbler to make long enough.

When it comes out, the wait is so worth it, though.

Delicious! The perfect topping for the warm cobbler is a scoop of vanilla ice cream!