> She Put Wooden Feet On The Metal Bucket! During The Day, It's A Table! But At Night? HOW COOL!

She Put Wooden Feet On The Metal Bucket! During The Day, It’s A Table! But At Night? HOW COOL!


It’s genius enough to turn a galvanized metal bucket into a table by putting wooden feet on the bottom and a round piece of wood on the tabletop.

That’s not all that Sherre M. did in the project she shared on Hometalk.

Not only did she make a low budget outdoor coffee table, but inside the bucket she added materials that instantly turn the table into a fire pit!

“This is one of the easiest and fastest projects I’ve ever done, but I think one of my favorite, not to mention it’s also easily transported to anywhere I like,” Sherre wrote on her Hometalk post.

To make the project, she gathered the metal bucket, round piece of wood, wooden feet, tiki torch canisters, and glass rocks!



She started the project by drilling holes in the bottom of the bucket to screw the metal feet into.

“I also screwed a few extra holes for drainage in case water gets in there,” Sherre wrote.


Once the feet were added, she decided to spray paint her wood round a fun shade of aqua with an added layer of polyurethane for added protection.

While the wood was drying, it was time to make the fire pit portion of the project.

Sherre filled the bottom of the bucket with a layer of dirt. Inside the dirt, she placed the tiki torch canisters in the center.

Then, around each of the canisters, Sherre added the glass rocks and some gravel until she reached the rim of the bucket and the tips of the canisters.


If you try this at home, make sure you don’t fill the bin too much or the wood round tabletop won’t be able to rest flat on top of the bucket.

The only thing to do once that was done was enjoy the table!


The bucket with the round on top is perfect for during the day to use as a table and enjoy the garden for morning coffee or an afternoon lemonade.

But at night, all Sherre has to do is take off the easily removable top and light the torches to create an adorable fire pit!

“Now, when the party’s over just put your kid back on and relax,” Sherre wrote.