> He Surprised His Wife With A Rusty Old Trailer. What She Did To It? SPEECHLESS

He Surprised His Wife With A Rusty Old Trailer. What She Did To It? SPEECHLESS


This is how Audree’s original owner, Amy, found her almost two years ago. The trailer was always cute, but in definite need of some love and care. She was rusty and had been shoved back and forth from one owner to another. Audree needed a permanent, loving home!


The Fancy Farmgirl

Bam!! Tiffany decided to dress Audree in her favorite “happy color” — pink. The bright, beautiful shade perfectly represented everything Tiffany saw in her little trailer. Just look at this transformation!


The Fancy Farmgirl

Even Tiffany’s husband says she obsessed over every detail, spending every free moment immersed in her makeover project. “The kids were so tired of me making them sit in it!” she said. “Although, I did get a glowing 4 out of 5 stars on her makeover from my 15 year old!!”


The Fancy Farmgirl

Audree boasts baby pink paneling adorned with fun paper lanterns and a cute, plush white door. Everything about her is bright, fresh, and clean.


The Fancy Farmgirl

She’s even donned with a license plate featuring her namesake! Audree has arrived!


The Fancy Farmgirl

Tiffany is a cowgirl at heart, so she made sure to include country-themed decals on Audree’s windows. This one says, “Cowgirl Up.”


The Fancy Farmgirl

As you can see, the inside is just as adorable as the outside. Tiffany spared no expense when it came to Audree’s interior. Pops of color and extraordinary detail abound!


The Fancy Farmgirl

Tiffany loves pinboards with mementos on them, and she knew she wanted one in Audree to display favorite items and memories…


The Fancy Farmgirl

Check out the bay window, shag rug, paper lanterns, fuchsia furniture, and — my personal favorite — the vintage Robin’s egg blue stove! Simply fabulous!


The Fancy Farmgirl

Tiffany redid everything from the interior and exterior paint, adding new lighting as well as new doorknobs and hardware.


The Fancy Farmgirl

The banquette, now covered in white faux ostrich vinyl and featuring retro-modern light fixtures, is a fun place to gather and hang out with the girls.


The Fancy Farmgirl

Tiffany kept many of Audree’s original items from previous owner Amy inside. Here’s her enamel icebox, 1950s grey speckled flooring, and her gorgeous aqua countertops.


The Fancy Farmgirl

It’s the little touches like this one that make Audree so darn special.


The Fancy Farmgirl

Audree is lucky to have an owner like Tiffany. She’s the trailer that dreams are made of.