> She Takes 2 Ordinary Plastic Crates, This Transformation Can Help Absolutely Everyone

She Takes 2 Ordinary Plastic Crates, This Transformation Can Help Absolutely Everyone


Most of us are familiar with these plastic crates, but did you know how versatile they really are? Originally used to transport milk, these inexpensive containers have gotten a crafty makeover. Check out how DIYers everywhere are putting these sturdy boxes to new use around the house.


Flickr/Evan Cordes

Milk Crate Ottoman

Not only can a crate be transformed into a gorgeous ottoman, but it can store some stuff, too! Using rope and some fabric, you can make one too, no special skills required! Check out the blog Dwelling In Happiness for step-by-step instructions.



Craft A Crate Table

8 crates and 6 slabs of wood were creatively assembled to make this practical storage table.


Pinterest/Julie Guandique

Trendy Side Table

It’s hard to believe that a crate could transform into a classy piece of furniture, but this simple creation shows that it can be done! An old child’s stool and a wooden top turned this plastic box into a trendy end table.



Simple Desk DIY

Before you drop the big bucks on a desk, consider this simple alternative. Using a nook in the room, this DIYer made her own desk, complete with built-in storage. All you need are 4 crates and a slab of wood from the hardware store.


Pinterest/Josh Fair

Or Simply Cover It With Fabric!

Most of us could use more storage containers, but it can be pricey buying new bins for our ever-growing needs. Decorative bins are even pricier, and it can be tricky finding a style that fits our decor. Save some money and outfit a crate yourself with custom fabric.  Head over to Sew Many Ways to see how it’s done.



Or Do A Simple Ribbon Weave

Take your crate from “blah” to “voila!” in seconds! All you need is a thick ribbon. Simply weave it in and out, tying bows in the corner as you go. Get detailed instructions at Nap Time Journal, and check out her other cool crafts while you’re at it.



Great In The Garden, Too!

Head over to YouTube and check out Garden City’s strawberry planters! Many gardeners also use milk crates to make tower planters, just stack them vertically instead. The holes are perfect for drainage, and allow the plant to grow from every direction.


Screenshot via YouTube

Milk Crate Shelf

“Build” your own shelf with crates, the sky is the limit! These are not only versatile, but can be taken apart and re-assembed with ease. Keep them secure with zip-ties, reinforcing the shelf to the wall as needed using nails.


Pinterest/Alex Moore

Make Any Size For Any Space!

This clever mom created a custom storage shelf for all of her kids’ toys! She used zip ties to connect the crates, and assembled it to fit perfectly along the staircase.


Pinterest/Jennifer Showalter

Transform It With Burlap

Not a fan of the crate in it’s original form? All you need is a burlap sac to completely transform it. No one will ever know that your huge rustic planters are actually plastic!


Pinterest/Jordan Whitaker

Now That you’ve seen everything these ordinary crates can do for you, which one will you try first? Be sure to share these clever ideas with your friends, and let us know your favorite way to use these containers!

Source: Faith Tap