These Tiny Skeletons On Streets Of Mexico Are Amazing. But What Do They Mean?


According to his online profile, artist and sculptor Isaac Cordal is sympathetic to the little people. Cordal has made a name for himself creating sculptures that push political bounds with a certain subtlety that has to be respected. For his latest series, Cordal created small skeleton figures made from cement and placed them in public places around Chiapas, Mexico. The meaning of each figure is ambiguous. He wants viewers to create their own backstories for each one. It’s hard not to think of one or two looking at these skeletons. There’s something about their placement and posture that is highly emotional. These little skeletons really speak to you.

Cordal’s work isn’t always so subtle, though. Check out these pictures from his 2013 installation “Follow the Leaders.” For this creation Cordal spent three months creating a corporate city in decline. It’s meant to be a “metaphor for the collapse of capitalism and the side effects of progress.”

(H/T: Colossal/viralnova)

Imagine the time it must take to create even one of these figures. That’s dedication to the little people. Make sure to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.