Toddler’s Babysitter Dies, Leaving 2-Year-Old Alone For Days


Do you ever think about how much we as human beings can withstand without breaking? Sure, we worry about kids playing in the street or about them staying up too late, but when it comes down to it, they’d surprise you with how self-sufficient they can be. Read on to hear about how one girl, at just two years old, was able to keep herself alive for several days completely on her own.

Little Hayleigh may be small, but she has learned some big lessons in recent days. Her mother, Megan Wheelock, has been going through tough times and needed some help. With her husband in jail for drug charges and an unstable work and living arrangement of her own, Megan knew that it was best if she had her precious daughter stay somewhere else for a while until she could get back on her feet. That’s when family friend, Ron Finkler,entered the equation.

Finkler offered to watch Hayleigh, and Megan accepted. Hayleigh began living temporarily with the kind friend. As Mother’s Day approached, Megan was anticipating a visit from her little girl, but grew anxious as the day went on and she didn’t hear from Finkler. Concerned, her mother-in-law even called the phone over at Finkler’s place and was assured that all was well when Hayleigh herself answered the phone.

Fast forward to three days later, and Megan’s motherly intuition was just too much to bare. She knew that something wasn’t right. Finkler would have contacted her by now if everything was okay, so she called the local Reed City, Michigan authorities and asked if they could swing by and check on Hayleigh.

When they did, they discovered that Ron Finkler had passed away from natural causes about three days prior, leaving little Hayleigh to fend for herself entirely. She was immediately taken to the hospital to undergo tests and treatments, but had managed to keep herself alive and well for so long without any help or supervision. What a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit.

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