She Took The Cover Off Her Old Ironing Board And Moved It Into The HALLWAY! Now She Uses It As A…


Here are 12 amazing ways to use ironing boards that have never crossed your mind.

You should probably be ironing your clothes regularly — it makes a bigger difference than you think.

But, if you’re okay with a little wrinkle and would rather get more use out of the board that sits in your hallway closet all the time, there are so many things you can create with an ironing board.

Here are 12 different ways people have transformed unused ironing boards in their homes!

1. An outside bar


Forget the starch and grab the wine instead! An ironing board is the perfect height for a little bar table outside on the patio. It doesn’t take up much room pressed against a wall, and you can easily put it away if you need more space. Find out more here.

2. A bookshelf


This one is color coordinated, obviously, but you can do this with any regular stack of books. It’s a neat way to put your favorite reads on display and easy to take down if you’re moving. Find out more here.

3. A desk


Don’t spend $300 on a desk you barely use. If you lower an ironing board enough, it can be the perfect size for you to sit at with you laptop to get some work done. It’s perfect for smaller bedrooms! Find out more here.

4.Gardening tool storage


It’s like a vertical potting table, and it’s perfect for all your gardening tools, plus a couple of hanging planters. Find out morehere.

5. A jewelry organizer


Without the cover on, an ironing board becomes the perfect metal jewelry rack. You can add hooks to make it even more versatile. Check it out here.

6. A MINI jewelry organizer


The small sized ironing boards might be an even better option for this transformation. Hang it on the back of the door and you’re set! Check it out here.

7. A laundry room shelf


Your ironing board might already be in this room, but you better make room for a second. It’s a cute way to add a little bit of decor to go with the theme of the room and still get storage out of it. Find out more here.

8. Sewing supply storage


This is a fun way to display all the vibrant thread colors that are normally hidden for years in a box or drawer. Plus, you’ll always have it ready and available for use. Find out more here.

9. A side table


This might be the best option for tables that are set in the entryway of your home. It’s the perfect shape for a narrow hallway, and you can make it the catch-all station for keys, mail, glasses, etc! Find out more here.

10. A Christmas tree


You have a few more months left to complete this one, but it’s an adorable alternative to a real tree. Find out more here.

11. A welcome sign


The older wooden ironing boards can be found at garage sales or antique shops, and they are some of the best ones to transform. This one would look adorable on anyone’s porch. Check it out here.

12. A wine rack