> Walmart Now Extends Its Roll-Back Prices To Caskets And Urns.

Walmart Now Extends Its Roll-Back Prices To Caskets And Urns.


Walmart has over 11,000 stores in 27 different countries. Over 2 million employees work for the retail chain. Last year, Walmart earned $405 billion in revenue, making it one of the largest economies in the world. Chances are, you’ve had a long, tenuous relationship with Walmart (unless you live in New York City). People who shop there typically have a love/hate relationship with the store.

Recently, the chain extended this “love it and hate it” relationship to the grave. That’s right: Walmart now sells caskets. While the average coffin for your loved one will set you back a little more than $2,000, most of Walmart’s coffins are more affordable.

Walmart: Save money. Live better. Die better.

“Soulful Peace Brass” Urn, $95.74.

“Official MLB Baltimore Orioles” Urn, $2,459.

Where a lot of self-hating Baltimoreans wanted to be after losing to Kansas City.

“Old Glory” Urn, $104.70.

“Star Legacy Blue Tapestry Dome” Casket, $759.

“Official MLB San Francisco Giants” Urn, $599.

Hopefully, Dad saw the Giants in the last series before this happened.

“Wings of Freedom” Urn, $35.26.

“Midnight Blue” Casket, $1241.82.


“Floral Elegance” Casket, $1554.17.

“The Official Vatican Observatory Foundation Mahogany” Casket, $3799.

Walmart and the Pope. A most holy alliance.

“Prestige Popular Casket, Cherry,” $1549.


Hopefully, they don’t sell these caskets in stores. Seeing a “rollback” price on your future final resting place wouldn’t be the best feeling in the world.