> She Wrapped The Outside Of Her Cheap Plastic Bins With Cute Fabric! Now, She Uses It For...

She Wrapped The Outside Of Her Cheap Plastic Bins With Cute Fabric! Now, She Uses It For…


Instead of wasting money buying the expensive version, she used cheap plastic bins from the dollar store to make this for all over her house!

One of the latest home decor trends is cute storage bins. It doesn’t matter the pattern, print, or size. Everyone loves a good dump-bin to keep a place looking clean and organized — even if it actually isn’t!

The only with these bins is that they’re usually ridiculously overpriced! Who wants to spend a ton of money on something that you use to store all your junk?

That’s what Lindsay from Tales From a Cottage was thinking when she came up with the perfect idea for making her own, affordable bins!

“I’ve been on the quest for some cool bins that I feel are affordably priced,” Lindsay wrote on her blog post about the project. “I’ve been all over, and for what they are made of, I just can’t seem to justify what they are asking for these bins.”

That’s when she figured out she could make her own using those cheap plastic bins from the dollar store!

“They were the perfect size for what I was looking for,” Lindsay wrote. “I snatched up three of them for a total of $3.”

To make the cute organizing bins, Lindsay set her square of cute printed fabric upside down on the table.

She then sprayed the bottom of her plastic bin with a spray adhesive and put it directly in the center of the fabric.


After cutting the corners of the fabric diagonally into the corners of the bin, she started to fold the fabric over the sides of the basket.


Before folding over each side, Lindsay continued to spray the basket with the glue so that the material would stick.

“You may need to pull it off a couple of times until you get it nice and smooth,” Lindsay wrote.

She also made sure the fabric was long enough on two of the sides to fold over and also cover the bottom of the basket to create a clean look.

Once the basket was completely wrapped, Lindsay said she went back and sprayed down little fabric squares in the areas that didn’t get completely covered.

The end result looks so good and just like any storage bins you’d find for sale at the store!