If You’re Romantically Challenged, Here Are 23 Creative Ways To Say I Love You. (Mmmm, Oreos)


Each Valentine’s Day, couples stress out over showing the person they are with that they love them (or kind-of-sort-of like them). It’s not easy living up to the pressure that society puts on us. That’s why there are these 23, super-easy, food-centric ways to say “I love you.”

Even if you’re a commitment-phobe (or are just really afraid to say how you feel), making bacon is easy.

Via BuzzFeed

So, even if you don’t have the right words to tell someone how you feel this Valentine’s Day, you’ll at least have the right food to do so. Although, if your sweetheart is on a diet you may want to avoid doing any of these things and stick with a heartfelt card.