She Gathered Flower Pots And Started Stacking Them On A Metal Rod. The Result? It Looks FAKE!


She stacked her pots like this, and it makes it look like it defies gravity!

Gardening is such a fun, relaxing spring time activity. Plus, it’s fun to see what you can create in the space that you have.

Sometimes, what’s even more fun than the gardening itself is seeing the results you produce! Having beautiful flowers is a must for any home.

It’s also fun to see the natural world enjoying what you created, like when birds rest in a tree you planted.

That’s how Beth from the blog Home Stories A to Z felt, at least, which is why she wanted to make something for her garden that incorporated both flowers and birds!

She decided to make a tilting-tiered planter/bird bath combination, and the result is so cool!

She started the whole thing with seven terracotta clay pots — six of which were the same size and one that was bigger.


In addition, she also needed a 62 inch piece of rebar, which Beth said the hardware store should be able to cut for you.

She also grabbed a couple cans of spray paint and a leftover light cover.

When she had everything ready to go, the first thing Beth did was paint her pots a gorgeous shade of blue, using spray paint.


Next, it was time to get her rebar ready.

Regardless of what size pots you use, Beth said you can modify the length of your rebar by simply adding up the heights of all the pot you use and adding an extra two feet to the total.

When she had her rebar cut to the right length, she stuck it through the center hole of the largest pot, which was placed in tanbark, and then pounded it into the ground until it was about two feet beneath the surface.


After filling the bottom pot almost completely with soil, Beth added a second pot to the rod. When she reached the bottom, she tilted the bot so it was resting on a diagonal.


Then, she simply repeated the step of adding soil, threading a new pot, and tilting it — changing the tilt direction every time.


When she reached the last pot, she didn’t tilt it, and instead kept it sitting straight with the light cover resting on top.


The last step was to glue the cover in place, add water to the bowl, and fill the planters with flowers!


The illusion created by the tilting pots is so fun, and it’s the perfect addition to any backyard!