Only a true genius can find the human face in this picture


A recent kind of  puzzle is going so viral and it consists on finding specific things in a picture.

These challenges named also optical illusions were known before but it’s only lately that began to go trendy online. The goal is to find a certain detail, figure or pattern that hides inside the picture.

Focus your senses

In today’s challenge, you must find one or more details inside the picture below, so focus as much as you can.

You only have 15 seconds to solve it, which adds a little bit of difficulty, but also makes it more fun and challenging, which will make you feel even better when you solve it.

Here comes the first image, find the faces that hide among the stones. How many can you see?

Image source: Youtube

It is clever, but solvable if you make an effort!

Did you solve it? Congratulations if you did, otherwise you can see answer below.

Here is the right answer.

Image source: Youtube

There it is! A single face is hiding in the middle of the picture. That was hard!

Can you find the woman?

Okay, we’re doing one more, a small bonus, however, this one is even harder than the first one. So now you have to bring your A-game. 15 seconds – see the picture below. Can you find the woman?

Image source: Youtube

Did you find her? She is well-hidden, so it’s important to sharpen your eyes. If you can’t see her, we will show you the answer below.

Image source: Youtube

There she is! This one was even harder, so congratulations if you solved it.

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